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Best Seo Columbus Oh

Google is the main source of information and especially when it comes to finding local products or services. If you have a brick & mortar store, it takes much more than a banner ad to get discovered. Luckily, SEO agencies like us know how to quickly get ranked in your target niche.

What are the best SEO practices for my blog?

While quality and geniality are primary traits of a good blog post, doing the right stuff for SEO is what counts to get discovered. This means much more than plugging the right keywords or leaving links on Reddit. Since the competition for most niches is rough, you need to be meticulous about the little things as well.

To start things off, you need to craft just the right title to attract web crawlers and users alike. The title should be relevant to the content, be unique and naturally contain your target keyword. Not only that, it should fulfill what the user is looking for since Google measures whether or not a user bounces from a page or continues reading. If you are a business, be sure to include your brand name somewhere near the keyword.

Meta descriptions are often neglected by newbie bloggers yet this is one of the determining factors of how your website appears in search results. It should be up to 160 characters and one needs to write creative copy to utilize that space. It should contain your keyword and advertise why this post will fulfill the user’s intent.

Another thing that's missing in a lot of blogs is internal linking when it comes naturally. Blog posts may focus on keywords or external references, but you also want to lead users and bots through other areas of your website to provide full coverage. The best SEO in Columbus oh can help create internal links that fit naturally.

Images should also be added for better user experience and to get your site ranked on Google Images. While it is optional, have an illustrator or photoshop expert to create non-copyrighted and unique content so that you will stand out in the algorithm.

Why local SEO will help my business?

If you have the best SEO in Columbus oh, you will also likely sap up the majority of customers that come via search engines. Considering that most people are dependent on using cellphones to find information, being one of the first results will appeal to those seeking instant gratification.

In particular, having your business recognized in a local area competes directly against other brick & mortar shops. You will have to optimize appropriately to get Google-proof that your business exists in the local area. This includes making a paid My Business account and your address will be verified.

There is no reason to hold back on white hat SEO for your business as the competition will only get rougher. If you can establish a foothold on the local market now, your business will only grow. If you need help establishing a search engine presence, give us a call for a consultation.

Best Seo Columbus Oh

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